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Our frozen range provides great freezer stocking products. 

Some favourite ice cream and frozen blocks essential for Hawkes Bay summer include:

Little Island Coconut Creamery- coconut ice cream products.  Dairy free.

Nice Blocks and ice creams - a yummy range of organic and mostly fair-trade products. 

Oob  Organic - a delicious range of sizes and flavours of ice creams. 

Frozen meats include:

Bostocks - frozen chicken products

Essential Broth - frozen chicken broth

Organic Farm Butchery - a range of frozen meat products from the local Hastings butchery. 

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables include:

Wheats Up - frozen wheatgrass

Oob - frozen berries

Bio Inside NZ - frozen vegetables

Frozen Meal options include:

Food Garden - a range of frozen vegetarian meal options.

CuisAnn - gluten free range of vegetarian and meat based. 





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