As well as stocking an extensive range of organic and biodynamic foods, we supply a large range of natural and organic products for your health and wellbeing. Our priority is always organic and fair trade, but if we are unable to source an organic product, we will stock a good quality and GE free non-organic item, especially if it is local or made in New Zealand.

Click on the tabs below to browse our selection of products and if you can't find what you are looking for then please contact us and we will try and source it for you.

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Beans & Pulses

Dried beans, peas and lentils, collectively known as pulses, have been part of man's staple diet since ancient times and are still an important food for vegetarians and meat-eaters. They are low in fat and rich in protein, carbohydrates and fibre, as well as being a rich source of B-complex...

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Beverages & Juices

Our range of beverages includes:

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Books & Magazines

We have a lovely range of health, cookery and wellness books and magazines, please do come and have a browse for some inspiration. 

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Breads and baked goods

Our organic breads and baked goods range includes:

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Flours, Grains & Pastas

Whole grains and flours have been part of mankinds staple diet since ancient times. Before the advent of pastoral farming, primitive peoples would gather grasses, nuts and seeds, pound them into flour or roast and eat them whole.

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For Mother & Baby

Our baby range includes:

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Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

A wide range of seasonal organic fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered daily, the majority of which are grown locally.

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Frozen Goods

Our frozen range provides great freezer stocking products. 

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Herbal Dispensary & Dried Herbs

What is a Herbal Dispensary

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Household Products

When using household cleaners we can forget that once they get washed down the drain, they enter the soil and the water supply and can end up in rivers, lakes and oceans, where any chemicals released can pollute the environment and pose serious threats to wildlife and ourselves.Manufacturers of household...

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Nutritional Supplements

We have a wide range of nutritional supplements and healthcare products and one of our knowledgeable naturopaths are available to offer advise and support should you need it. 

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Pet Foods/Products

We have a range of products to naturally support pet health and wellbeing.  We stock products from Ecostore, Millstream Gardens, Greentrading and Malcolm Harker. 

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Skin Care

We have an extensive range of skincare products some of them made locally in Hawkes Bay or in New Zealand.  Our range includes, face and body lotions, shampoo/conditioner, lip balms, massage balms, soaps, toothpastes, make-up, deodorants, hair dye and sanitary products.  We stock a large range of brands including Ecostore,...

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Teas, Coffee and Hot Drinks

We have an extensive range of hot drinks that includes, tea, coffee, coffee alternatives and chocolate based drinks.  We also stock a range of t-pots and drinking vessels.  Coffee - our coffee range includes the following coffee brands:Trade AidInca-Fe

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Wine & Beer

Our small range of alcoholic products that support a number of organically made beverages.  We stock the following:

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